Paul Baggott

I’ve worked in a zoo and smoked Craven A’s.

I’ve worked in an office and a factory but maths let me down. I’ve been an over-qualified postman.

I’ve been a chef and served food on river boats at three in the morning. I’ve designed logos and letterheads in a print shop.

I’ve been a Primary school teacher and married another.

We’ve raised a son and a daughter together and survived together.

I’ve written a book on how to teach art and an un-published, never to be published novel.

I am writing a second novel (much better than the first).

I’ve been a lifeguard, swimming coach and built a swim school.

Throughout all of this I have made music in a variety of home studios.

I’ve had my music used by the BBC, Channel 4 (UK), Ceebeebies, Austrian TV and various ads and videos.

I’ve have  recorded Russian songs at Abbey Road Studios in London (no, I don’t speak Russian).

I am producing artists and writers from all parts of the world and am absolutely loving every minute of it.

I have never set out to sound like anyone but some people have likened some songs to the work of Jack Johnson and Colin Hay of ‘Men at Work’ fame.

My vocal style has been described as ‘characterful’ and compared to Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) and Chris Rea.

What a party that would be!





Music Producer