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Music Producer


I’ve owned a studio for nearly forty years. They’ve come in all shapes and sizes.

From a stero Akai reel to reel with sound on sound button, to a Yamaha four track cassette multi tracker with a patchbay.

From an eight track Fostex reel to reel with a mixer, to a 16 track Fostex reel to reel with a bigger mixer.

From an eight track Korg digital multitrack recorder to a PC running Emagic Logic.

From an Apple Mac Pro to an Apple Mac Pro. To an Apple Mac Pro (I’m on my third).

I have a wide range of software instruments and plug ins that enable me to produce music in most genres to a high standard.

I have enjoyed nearly forty years of making, recording and producing music.

During that time I have developed a wide array of skills that enable me to produce music to a commercial standard.

I get as much of a creative kick from producing other artists' work as I do my own.

One of the most satisfying aspects of producing others’ music is the artists’ appreciation for my work.

Music is a very personal thing and artists are very generous with their praise.

The following are feedback quotes from a site called Music Gateway. There are more recommendations in the ‘Feedback’ section of my profile page.

Paul is a true artist. He's given my project 110% to produce a really professional & classy remake of my song & serious value for money.

Already started working with Paul again. So easy to work with. Nothing was a problem. Totally dedicated himself to creating the sound and feel I wanted for the song. End product sounds fantastic....Ace guy !!!!

GREAT WORK !!! definitely recommend just listen to it.

I cannot praise Paul Baggott highly enough! He did everything within his power to ensure that I was completely happy with his interpretation of my song 'You Never Can Tell' and believe me I am,

in fact, I'm ecstatic.

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