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Music Producer


When I work with artists or writers to produce their tracks they do not have to visit my studio. The writer does not have to have any musical ability or access to high quality recording equipment. I have worked with recordings made on phones, iPads, laptops and even cassette recorders (yes they still exist). Lyricists often have a melody in their heads and any of the above methods of communicating that to me works fine.

Of course many writers do have musical abilities and recording equipment. I will do my utmost to include the artist’s audio if they require me to. High quality audio files are too big for most emails. The use of file transfer sites such as Dropbox and Hightail is necessary for sharing recordings. They all have free versions that work well.

One of the most important aspects at the beginning of the process is for me to understand how the artist is hearing the song. I ask them to suggest a few commercially available tracks that gives me an idea of the flavour of the required production.

I do not try to copy the reference track. This is just a starting point. It establishes, amongst other things, tempo, instrumentation, genre and feel.

I have always set out not to sound like other artists with my own material and I endeavour to do the same with the artists I work with. If the artist does want something that sounds very similar to another artist/track I can do this as well, always keeping in mind copyright restrictions.

Once the basics have been decided upon I will send numerous demos of the song for the artist to approve or suggest further changes and additions. I do not charge by the hour so this process can take as long as is required in order to arrive at an interpretation of the song that the artist is completely happy with.

When the track has been approved by the artist I will then master it. The mastering process adds loudness, width and tonal qualities that will allow the track to sit well next to commercially available tracks. I will also provide a mastered instrumental.


Once I have completed the production work on the track and the artist has paid me, my connection with the track ceases.

I do not expect any share of any money the track might generate.  

The artist will own 100% of all broadcast and publishing rights to the song and its instrumental.

All I ask for is a producer’s mention and recommendations if you are happy with my work.